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Have you ever dreamed of getting a full body wax?

Stunning brows? A quick and almost painless bikini or Brazilian wax?

A damn your skin is flawless, Beat?


Well look no further, Ronda Simpson is amazing! She always achieves precision brows. Her makeup application is Oscar worthy. She conducts a Brazilian wax like a symphony! She utilizes Stephanie Laynes 7-Min Brazilian wax technique! Ronda’s loyal following is obsessed! Any waxing service is only as good as the waxed used. We exclusively use Se’Brazil collection of waxes (Seven, Latte, Honey, Violet, Coco, and Diva) Sculpting includes wax, brow shaping, and a cosmetic fill-in. For first time shaping, we recommend allowing your brows to grow out for four weeks prior to your first visit. Body waxing hair should be trimmed to 1/4 to 1/2 an inch prior to arrival for best removal and comfort.


$20 Under Arms
$30 Arms
$35 Stomach
$50 Back


$45 Bikini line only
$65 Brazilian (within 6wks of previous waxing)
$85 1st Brazilian wax
$35 ½ Leg
$65 Full Legs
$70 Bikini and ½ Leg
$350 Full Body


$15 Lip
$15 Chin
$20 Side Burns
$65 Full Face


$45 First time sculpting
includes consult, shaping & cosmetic fill-in

$35 Returning Brow Sculpting
includes clean-up & cosmetic fill-in

$20 Basic brow Waxing
includes clean up only no cosmetic fill-in

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